Welcome to New Familia! 

New Familia strives to support new mothers from prenatal through postpartum, from childbirth through parenting, from health into wellness. How can New Familia support you? 


     Our Groups & Classes

Diabetes Prevention Classes

Diabetes  Prevention  Program


Mindfulness & Movement Therapy Support Group

Mindful Mamas Maternal Mental HEalth PRogram 


Breastfeeding Mamas Support Group

Mi bebe lactation Education & support program


Childbirth Preparation Classes

Hola bebe childbirth Education program 


About Us

Our multi-disciplinary services are culturally competent, client-centered, and community-based. New Familia offers a variety of wellness-related services in the following areas:

    • Lactation
    • Health education  
    • Mental Health
    • Nutrition  

our team

New Familia is a dynamic team of experienced consultants who are passionate, bilingual, and knowledgeable about the communities in which we work. To encourage learning new skills, we promote the use of holistic and traditional practices that actively engage our clients.


Our vision

To foster a culture of wellness and empowerment in Northeast Los Angeles and beyond. To support individuals and families to make positive lifestyle changes, promote healthy neighborhoods, and ultimately improve the quality of lives of those who live in our diverse communities.